YO! rolls out Yumpingo’s one-minute digital review platform


YO!, the iconic Japanese restaurant group is homing in on the customer experience by partnering with restaurant intelligence service Yumpingo to deliver unrivalled in-depth insight into customer sentiment for data-driven restaurant management.

YO! decided to roll out Yumpingo’s one-minute digital review platform across all 70 UK restaurants following a competitive tender process and a successful pilot in 6 locations, which captured 25,000 dish reviews and 26,000 service reviews in one first month using Yumpingo, without any need for an incentive.

The Yumpingo platform engages guests in a digital conversation when presenting the guest with the bill, as part of the new steps of service. Customers can rate their experience on a YO! -branded device, from dish taste and value to beverage or speed of service.

This ‘Big Data’ is distilled down into meaningful insights which will provide management (at the site and central level) with the visibility to make informed decisions about how best to optimise the customer experience, at dish, service, site, menu or concept level.

As well as deploying Yumpingo to assess customer satisfaction in real-time in restaurants, YO! is also introducing Yumpingo on all hot and cold dishes sold in their Tesco kiosks, via a Yumpingo QR Code on the packaging leading to a one-minute preview.

Emma Deabill, Operations Director at YO! Says, “Our goal is to deliver outstanding and amazing fresh sushi and Japanese food. The Yumpingo platform will play a critical role in helping us to accurately gauge what’s working well for our guests and what’s not. This way we will be able to optimise each customer experience with confidence and know what makes them happy from what they are eating to the service they receive so we can keep them coming back for more. We have already started to use the data to adapt menus and specific dishes across the estate and Yumpingo were invaluable when launching our brand new concept YO! Kitchen, in Westfield White City & Dundrum early this month.

Gary Goodman, CEO of Yumpingo, comments, “YO! is as a true innovation partner, harnessing the voice of their guest across their operations, including the grocery sector, which is incredibly exciting. During our competitive tender, the YO! team generated instant feedback from over 75% of tables, proof indeed that guests have always had a voice, just no easy way to share it.”

About Yumpingo

Launched in the UK in 2017, Yumpingo is a restaurant intelligence platform that brings big data analytics to restaurant operations by tapping into the silent majority of guests’ in-moment restaurant experiences through technology touchpoints. Our award-winning platform enables restaurant leaders to make more decisions, faster, and with greater confidence by turning data into insights into actions at unprecedented levels. Yumpingo gives restaurants complete certainty of how to optimize customer satisfaction across brands at the location, shift, server and dish level. The ultimate effect is a transformation of the business as proven through numerous case studies which boast increased sales and improved customer satisfaction and we’re just getting started.

Yumpingo integrates seamlessly with a restaurant’s POS (point of sale) to facilitate data that impacts operations, new product development and marketing for some of the world’s largest and most innovative restaurant groups including TGI Fridays, California Pizza Kitchen and Wahaca. By crowdsourcing insights, Yumpingo will transform your restaurant.

About YO!

Founded in 1997, YO! was the first to bring to the UK the concept of a Japanese ‘kaiten’ sushi bar that delivered food via a conveyor belt. Today, YO! has 97 restaurants worldwide; 81 owned and 16 franchised, serving over 7 million customers a year. YO! sources all its fish from reputable suppliers who share the same concerns with regards to environmental issues and sustainability of at-risk species through overfishing and the subsequent depletion of certain fish, and all YO! dishes are freshly prepared in their restaurants every day. YO! was acquired by Mayfair Equity Partners in November 2015.

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