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The journey to delivering more happy customers for hospitality starts with Yumpingo.

If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for?

One afternoon our founder joined an old friend and restaurateur at one of his venues.

The two looked across the restaurant to a room filled with customers and realised they had no idea what anyone was thinking.

If we could magically see a thought bubble above every customer - just like a comic book - what would they say?

And if we could see the most important themes for each restaurant, how much better would our customer experience be?

Magic Wand

The Problem

Legacy customer experience management tools suffer from one or more of 3 problems:

  1. Failure to collect enough data
  2. Questions not specifically designed for hospitality
  3. Not making sense of the noise

As a result they all deliver poor ROI

The Problem

Why the problem matters

Restaurant chains lack visibility and control over the critical issues and opportunities with their guest experience.

Current methods generate inaccurate insights that lag behind reality. Teams don’t trust the reporting or act on the information.

Quality issues aren’t addressed. Significant menu and pricing decisions are based on gut feel. Guests leave dissatisfied and restaurants don’t know, or know why.

Decision making is slow and based on gut feel, leading to expensive mistakes, wasted time and missed opportunities. Increasing market competition for guests and staff has made this more critical than ever. 

Problem Matters

Mission & Values

Our compass – translating more happy customers into scalable growth for hospitality.

be hungry

Be Hungry

We embrace this journey and seize opportunities with agility, commitment and courage.

energise others

Energize Others

We seek to make the most out of every interaction. Our passion to serve more happy customers is infectious.

Strive for Excellence

Strive for Excellence

We deliver results that wow our clients. When there is a better way, we’ll find it.

Together We Prosper

Together We Prosper

We win when we are open and collaborate. We win as a team. We win together.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

We are happiest and most productive when we can be our authentic selves.


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Keith Taylor
CFO of Equinix Inc
Joseph Knowles
Principal at Smedvig Capital
Michael Ryan
CEO of Bullet Point Network
Charles Meyers
CEO of Equinix Inc
Freddie Kalfayan
Investor at Smedvig Capital
Samantha Wren
Director of Aker Wines & Spirits
Ross Brawn
Former Formula One Managing Director of Motorsports
Nick Fry
Chairman of McLaren Applied
Steve Parish
Chairman of Crystal Palace Football Club

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