Experience Satisfaction Growth

Yumpingo delivers Satisfaction Growth, a proactive approach to experience management that fixes service and food issues, before they affect your guests. 

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You are losing +20% of sales from avoidable customer churn

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Customer Retention

Improve Customer Retention

Reduce unhappy guests by 34% by managing the root causes of dissatisfaction to cut churn and reduce recovery costs.

Increase Customer Acquisition

Increase Customer Acquisition

Are you making best use of your happy customers? Deliver 14% more happy guests and boost word of mouth customer advocacy.

Improve Menu Margins

Improve Menu Margins

You can increase margins by 2.5% and grow guest happiness! Increase menu margins – from guesswork to confident improvements.

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"Since rolling out Yumpingo our NPS has been steadily increasing and is now 14 points higher; which means 13% more happy guests! We’ve also seen our online reputation scores climbing from 4.3 to an excellent 4.7 stars. And we have seen a direct link between NPS and sales growth."

Managing Director, Hickory's Smokehouse


Delivering satisfaction growth for leading brands

Yumpingo has an unmatched track record of empowering customer experience performance. Clients that action our objectives grow their NPS by +13 points on average.


Point NPS Increase


Fewer Unhappy Guests

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Point NPS Increase


Fewer Unhappy Guests

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Point NPS Increase


Fewer Unhappy Guests



Point NPS Increase


Fewer Unhappy Guests

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The ROI of cutting churn

Discover the benefits of a guest experience platform that improves customer retention, increases word of mouth promotion, delivers menu margin improvements and reduces recovery costs.

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Satisfaction Growth Guarantee

Hospitality businesses that action our Satisfaction Growth objectives grow their NPS by +13 points and sales by 20%

We now offer a guarantee to grow your NPS in just 60 days or your money back!


We transform guest feedback into actions


Capture guest sentiment anywhere, any time

We collect customer sentiment from all on-premise, delivery, and off-premise orders via a QR code, post-dine email, or Yumpingo device. Make the most of every customer interaction.



Uncover the ‘why’ behind every customer experience

Our 1-minute Smart Surveys collects restaurant customer feedback at the menu item, server, and shift-level. Use sentiment-tailored journeys to provide unprecedented engagement without incentive.


Transform your customer feedback data into easy next steps

Smart Actions instructs your teams on the specific measures to take to solve critical food, drink, and service execution issues. Make impactful decisions across the company, relentlessly raising the bar.


Delivering Outcomes

As the sector’s only Outcomes as a Service (OaaS) provider, Yumpingo combines cutting-edge experience management applications with professional services to to empower meaningful business change.

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Team Development

Server-level training insights

Menu Innovation

De-risk, speed up and stress test

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Maximize Margins

Menu engineering for sentiment

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Locations Turnaround

Transform underperforming stores

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Optimize Service

Improve experiential impact

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Concept Launching

Agile concept development

CRM Empowerment

Boost reviews, retention & recovery


Unlock performance, at every level

Our customer experience management platform delivers valuable insights for each level of the business – empowering everyone from senior leadership, operations, marketing, culinary, and front-line teams to execute their best food and service everyday.


Connect with the tools you already use to collect more feedback and increase customer engagement.



"With Yumpingo, we are able to optimize every guest experience with greater confidence and speed than ever before."

Rob Papps
CEO, Nando's

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"Our NPS has been steadily increasing. We’ve also seen our online reputation scores climbing and we have seen a direct link between NPS and sales growth."

John Welsh
MD, Hickory's Smokehouse


"Preserving and retaining our to-go guests are now huge parts of our business. This [Yumpingo] data changes that and helps us get better."

Hernan Mujica
CIO, Texas Roadhouse

New World Trading Company (1)

"It was like someone had turned on the lights. Within two weeks we were seeing an uptick in our NPS and after a further two weeks, we were seeing higher sales growth."

Chris Hill
CEO, New World Trading Company

Iron Hill-1

"I’ve not come across a better system of gaining actionable guest feedback in the moment. [Restaurant managers] have a tool now that enables them to very specifically drill down on what they can do to improve the guest experience."

Chris Westcott
Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant


"We’ve seen remarkable growth in both our NPS and online reputation, which has risen by 1.5 stars, since working with Yumpingo."

Dean Wilson
Director, Olive Tree Brasserie


"Yumpingo definitely gives you that power to make change. If you’re the kind of organization that is striving to be the very best then [Yumpingo] gives you the information that you can act on."

Richard Colclough
MD, Parogon Group


Request your free demo today!

‘Get it right the first time’ by capturing live guest feedback across every dish, shift, server, location, and channel with Yumpingo.


Request your free demo today!

‘Get it right the first time’ by capturing live guest feedback across every dish, shift, server, location, and channel with Yumpingo.