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Guest Experience Mangement

Reputation Management


Omnichannel Insights for In-Store and Off-Premise Operations

Proprietary One-Minute Review

Capture in-the-moment guest sentiment across all digital channels with a user-friendly and mobile-optimized review process.

Dynamic Insights

Map real-time guest satisfaction data to business outcomes to make confident adjustments by shift or at scale.

Guest Sentiment and NPS

Capture robust, live insights of your brand’s operational performance across venue and brand to understand the impact on NPS and guest satisfaction and make incremental improvements to categories vital to your experience management and your bottom line.

Automated Workflows

 Automate repetitive tasks and workflows for reputation management to simplify team responsibilities from Marketing to the GM, enabling the right online engagement, by the right team member, at the right time in one easy hub.

Yumpingo One

Fully brandable and ready-to-go at the push of a button, the Yumpingo One tablet is your single source to deliver checks, get real-time guest feedback, and maximize every transaction

Make Improvements from Day One

We are on a mission to transform guest experience in hospitality from anecdotal, extreme, divisive and slow to land to something that is insight-based, instantaneous and transformational.

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How to Combat Seasonal, Staffing & Supply Chain Challenges

Having the ability to quickly identify how team development, menu improvements, and concept-testing impacts your sales will keep you focused on doing the right work in every store, every shift; for every server, every dish. And it all starts with asking the right questions: how happy are my guests, and why?

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Yumpingo helps you manage the journey of operational development, guest experience, and sales growth so you always reach your business’s strategic objectives. Then set more.


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