3 Common Misconceptions about Yumpingo

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Jan 23, 2023 2:50:00 PM


We sometimes encounter a few misconceptions about Yumpingo online. 

The interesting thing is that these perceived weaknesses are actually some of our most compelling features. In this article we take a look into these to explain what is really happening behind the scenes.

Our customer experience management platform is here to help you deliver specific, measurable and transformational improvements in your business, so let’s look at how we do exactly that.

Discover the truth behind the 3 common misconceptions about Yumpingo and our platform.

#1 You have to use Yumpingo One devices to collect feedback. 

You do not need hardware to use Yumpingo.

We offer devices as a route to increased levels of feedback, but we can interact with your customers however they interact with you. 

Yumpingo can collect customer sentiment from all on-premise, delivery, and off-premise orders using QR codes, post-dine emails, partner integrations or Yumpingo devices.

When Yumpingo’s started 6 years ago we exclusively used devices to capture guest feedback at the table, however as the industry evolved we developed our software to support multiple feedback ingestion methods. It’s how we now service great clients like Texas Roadhouse or Nando’s where devices would not be a possibility.

#2 Yumpingo’s data is not actually actionable

Yumpingo’s actions are proven to drive positive change

There’s sometimes confusion that we only provide one level of insight, let’s say ‘Speed of Service’, with no ability to look at the underlying factors that drive that metric. 

If you take a cursory look at our 1-Minute Smart Surveys that may appear to be the case, however what you don’t see is that our pulse surveys are dynamic, meaning they use branch logic with literally hundreds of different possible combinations of questions depending on what the customer’s experience was and what menu items they ordered. 

Dynamic surveys that both improve the experience for guests and uncover the ‘why’

Traditional long feedback surveys, where all possible questions are asked to all customers, create a lot of friction for guests. 

As a result they suffer from low response levels, reduced completion rates, and they only appeal to a very limited subset of people who often have to be incentivised to complete them. This is a major issue for accuracy and depth of insights, so from our first days Yumpingo introduced our 1-Minute Smart Surveys.

These surveys adjust dynamically to each customer to uncover the root causes of satisfaction so you know where to make improvements, while also making the process as streamlined as possible for the guest. 

We don’t ask all questions to all guests, so for example if a guest is unhappy we will ask a subset of questions to them, questions that also differ based on other criteria such as if they are dining in the restaurant or picking up a to-go order.

Yumpingo Smart Surveys

This means we have high response levels and high completion rates from a wide spectrum of guests without incentivization. We generate more granular insights, from more guests, with more accuracy than any other method we know of. 

Turning insights into actionable workflows

Once we have captured the root causes of guest experiences which we call ‘Experience Drivers’ our next generation dashboard turns that data into actions.

When we started out we used to present our data in dashboards for our clients to interpret and use. Most services stop here, but we found that wasn’t ideal for the unique structure of restaurants. 

It was too much to expect the distributed teams to be good at interpreting data to understand what to action. To solve this we introduced Smart Actions.

Smart Actions - Yumpingo

Smart Actions turns insights which otherwise would remain relatively unused on dashboards and reports, into recommended workflows for all levels of the business. It introduces a culture of accountability and continuous improvement across the whole organization. 

Smart Actions has proven to deliver measurable results such as increased net revenues, higher team productivity and tighter menu item execution.

The proof that it really works

Our unique combination of guest friendly 1-Minute Smart Surveys have the ability to uncover the root cause or ‘why’ behind that sentiment, and providing simple to use recommended workflows, results in a proven service for driving actions. 

As a result Yumpingo has a large number of case studies from leading brands showing positive improvements on guest sentiment with brands regularly seeing 10% more happy guests and a 40% reduction of unhappy guests

We haven’t seen any other service with anything close to this level of proof of effectiveness. 

#3 Yumpingo is prone to fraudulent feedback.

Yumpingo has market leading fraud protection

The first thing we do is to deter fraud from happening:

  1. The vast majority of Yumpingo’s feedback is automatically tied to a table/check number or customer email address. This naturally reduces the opportunity for someone to write multiple/false reviews. 
  1. Another deterrent is the volume of data we collect. When you collect thousands of reviews a month per location (rather than just single or double figures) it is far harder to manipulate and far easier to spot when it does happen.
  1. Finally you have to address the reasons why someone might try and manipulate the system. It’s all about incentives (or the wrong ones).

It’s very important to focus on the carrot and not the stick. If someone is punished for not hitting a number like NPS that’s the point that they start to look at the possibility of manipulating the data. 

The answer is to focus on the positive and encourage constructive change

That is why we have found that one of the major benefits of Yumpingo is it enables teams to focus on compliments, not just complaints.

Feedback has to be a constructive tool, about finding a balance between things to fix and things to continue doing, to empower teams to develop and flourish.

We also implement processes (both manual and automated) that constantly learn to adapt and improve, to remove any manipulation that does slip through.

  1. We allow users to flag suspicious reviews, across our multiple feedback ingestion methods. This manual feedback from both our users and internal audits feed into our algorithms.
  1. Yumpingo’s data science team continually develops algorithms to remove fraud and flag any suspected cases. Our algorithms use things like tracking scanned QR codes back to originating devices, matching specific servers to guest feedback gathered by our devices, and use haptic speed detection to alert to possible misuse. Fraud is either automatically removed or flagged back onto the manual process. It’s a constant loop or learning and development to keep ahead.

If you want to learn more about our customer experience management platform and how we can help you deliver specific, measurable and transformational improvements in your business – then please get in touch with us today!

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