About Yumpingo

The journey to delivering more happy customers for hospitality.

Yumpingo History

If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for?

On one afternoon, our founder, Gary Goodman, joined an old friend and restaurateur at one of his venues. The two looked across the restaurant to a room filled with customers, and discussed the art of the possible – is there more than meets the eye driving every smile, every dessert order, and every turned table? If we could simply tap into the hearts and minds of customers, as if thought bubbles would magically appear above every customer, what would they say?

From that moment forward, we’ve always pushed for more.

We are an outcomes-driven company, uncovering how well you’re delivering against the expectations your brand has set in the market. We help you manage the journey of operational development, customer experience, and sales growth so you always reach your business’s strategic objectives. Then set more. The possibilities are only limited by what can be seen.

Mission and Values

Our compass – translating more happy customers into scalable growth for hospitality

Be Hungry

We embrace this journey and seize opportunities with agility, commitment and courage.

Energize Others

We seek to make the most out of every interaction. Our passion to serve more happy customers is infectious.

Strive for Excellence

We deliver results that wow our clients. When there is a better way, we’ll find it.

Together We Prosper

We win when we are open and collaborate. We win as a team. We win together.

Be Yourself

We are happiest and most productive when we can be our authentic selves.


George Wetz

George Wetz

Cofounder & CEO

Andy Walker

Andy Walker

Cofounder & COO

Board and Investors

Charles Meyers & Keith Taylor

CEO & CFO of Equinix Inc

Robert Toms

Managing Director at Smedvig Capital

Ross Brawn

Formula One Managing Director of Motorsports

Nick Fry

Former CEO of Mercedes F1 and CEO of Aston Martin

Michael Ryan

Private Investor, Founder of bulletpoint.network

Joseph Knowles

Principal at Smedvig Capital

Steve Parish

Chairman of Crystal Palace Football Club

Tara Donovan

Former MD of Jamie Oliver Ltd & CEO of Jamie Oliver Media Group

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Together, let’s convert more happiness into growth, internally and externally, every day, every interaction.