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Yumpingo Pay

Yumpingo Pay streamlines the payment journey, freeing up time for servers to make quality interactions with other customers, turn tables faster, and increase profits.

Yumpingo Pay

Pay, Review, and Go!

The only thing more awkward than asking a customer for honest feedback during their visit? Hovering over them as they split the bill, check out, and tip. Now with Yumpingo Pay, some of the greatest sources of friction in the customer experience are a thing of the past.

By removing the back and forth during checkout, servers can maintain their focus on customer satisfaction and work more efficiently, all while guests experience less mess while paying their bill.

Yumpingo Pay

No app download, no account set-up, and no login required

Ease of Use

Customers with Yumpingo One tablets can scan a QR code to pay, tip, and leave a One-Minute Review all through the device.

Hands-off Hospitality

FOH teams can leave the device attended or unattended to complete the bill.

Integrated Solutions

Yumpingo Pay fully integrates with most major payment providers.

Scanning QR Code with Yumpingo Pay

“Yumpingo gives us greater dexterity to manage, track and influence the end-to-end experience of our guests. The real-time feedback helps align our entire team to provide our best food and service every day.”


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