Yumpingo One

Providing a Seamless Final Step of Service

Your custom-branded, all-in-one device to deliver checks, get real-time customer feedback, and maximize every transaction.

See the Full Picture

Engaging guests in-the-moment with Yumpingo One’s frictionless, seamless closing out experience can achieve a 50% to 80% customer engagement rate without offering any incentive, making feedback accurate and actionable.


customer engagement rate

Connect Every Moment

Custom-branded devices become an integral part of the in-restaurant service process, unlocking more insights with less time in a single environment.

Yumpingo One

Out of the Box Operation

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Teams can immediately put Yumpingo One to use the moment it arrives to its destination.

The device is remotely managed by our team, ensuring any technical issues are resolved before they hit the floor and product updates are swiftly implemented.

Maximized Engagement

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Guests complete essential steps to close out the dining experience with payment, tip – and now a digitally optimized review process.

Yumpingo’s 1-minute review reports feedback as quickly as its entered in the all-in-one device, capturing a greater volume of reviews than printed materials.

Custom Branding

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With any color, any print, and any design, our internal design service will tailor your Yumpingo One device to your preferred brand experience.

The device blends into your environment to ensure guests stay connected to your brand with every transaction.


Proven, Fundamental Functionality

Designed for Demanding Restaurant Environments

Using Gorilla® Glass, shock-protecting material and splash-resistant design, the Yumpingo One will keep operating effectively for years.

Easy Clean to Protect Your Team & Guests

Specifically developed using oil, grease and germ resistant materials so it can be easily cleaned as often as you need.

One Device – Many Uses

A single device that can run Yumpingo or partner services, from ordering, through feedback to payment. With a 4900mAh battery it can also last for days between charges. Yumpingo One automatically connects to your WiFi network.

Yumpingo One Botanist Branded

Empowering decisions and delivering results for leading brands


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