What is Satisfaction Growth?

Yumpingo is the only experience management service developed, from day one, to grow customer satisfaction. 

Satisfaction Growth empowers brands to cut customer churn and grow sales, through a proactive focus on improving experiences for every guest, across every dish, every server, every shift and every location.

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You are losing +20% of sales from avoidable customer churn


You invest thousands to attract new customers


of restaurant customers never make a return visit


Satisfaction Growth Cuts Churn

Yumpingo delivers Satisfaction Growth; a proactive approach to Experience Management that fixes service and food issues, before they affect your guests. 

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Customer Retention

Boost Retention

Reduce unhappy guests by 34%

Increase Customer Acquisition

Increase Acquisition

Deliver 14% more happy guests

Improve Menu Margins

Grow Margins

Increase menu profits by 2.5%

What is the impact of Satisfaction Growth?

Yumpingo empowers customer experience performance for leading brands. Clients that action our Satisfaction Growth objectives grow their NPS by +13 points. 


+14 NPS


+15 NPS


+12 NPS

pacific catch

+14 NPS


+13 NPS


+6 NPS


20% Sales Uplift

In control group tests, venues using Yumpingo delivered a +6 points NPS increase and 20% sales growth, resulting in $30,000 more revenue per store per month.


How can you implement Satisfaction Growth?

As the sector’s only Outcomes as a Service (OaaS) provider Yumpingo pairs cutting-edge experience applications with professional services to empower meaningful business change.

Satisfaction Growth Guarantee

Clients that action our Satisfaction Growth objectives grow their NPS by +13 points and sales by 20%. 

Yumpingo offers a managed program to fast track  satisfaction growth for new new clients. In this program we will grow your NPS in just 60 days or your money back!


How does Satisfaction Growth compare to other experience management solutions?

Other guest experience management providers will focus on reputation management, or guest recovery, so how do those approaches compare?

We focus on 'getting it right the first time!'

Guest Recovery and Reputation Management are reactive; focusing on limiting the damage of unhappy customers.

Recovery doesn’t fix the issues that created the need for recovery. 

By focusing on proactive measures, Satisfaction Growth delivers:

7X more revenue than Guest Recovery, and 11X more than Reputation Management.

satisfaction growth uplift

We focus on your most valuable customers

Just ¼ of restaurant customers contribute 64% of revenue*, and Yumpingo focuses on increasing that share.

Delivering Satisfaction Growth builds up the value of each your guests, which has an outsized impact on sales and margins.

Highly satisfied customers are worth 16X more than unsatisfied customers.**



"With Yumpingo, we are able to optimize every guest experience with greater confidence and speed than ever before."

Rob Papps
CEO, Nando's

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"Our NPS has been steadily increasing. We’ve also seen our online reputation scores climbing and we have seen a direct link between NPS and sales growth."

John Welsh
MD, Hickory's Smokehouse


"Preserving and retaining our to-go guests are now huge parts of our business. This [Yumpingo] data changes that and helps us get better."

Hernan Mujica
CIO, Texas Roadhouse

New World Trading Company (1)

"It was like someone had turned on the lights. Within two weeks we were seeing an uptick in our NPS and after a further two weeks, we were seeing higher sales growth."

Chris Hill
CEO, New World Trading Company

Iron Hill-1

"I’ve not come across a better system of gaining actionable guest feedback in the moment. [Restaurant managers] have a tool now that enables them to very specifically drill down on what they can do to improve the guest experience."

Chris Westcott
Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant


"We’ve seen remarkable growth in both our NPS and online reputation, which has risen by 1.5 stars, since working with Yumpingo."

Dean Wilson
Director, Olive Tree Brasserie


"Yumpingo definitely gives you that power to make change. If you’re the kind of organization that is striving to be the very best then [Yumpingo] gives you the information that you can act on."

Richard Colclough
MD, Parogon Group


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* Thanx  ** Moon, Youngme, John Quelch. "Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service." Harvard Business School