The sector’s only Outcomes as a Service (OaaS) provider

Delivering Outcomes

Yumpingo combines cutting-edge experience applications with professional services to accelerate value for our clients.

By going far beyond the software as a service (SaaS) model we can guarantee satisfaction growth!

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Accelerating Value

Over 7+ years we’ve developed expertise that achieves success for our clients in the shortest time possible. Our consultant-led programs enable new customers to deliver meaningful business change and fast-track specific outcomes.

Satisfaction Growth Guarantee

Clients that action our Satisfaction Growth objectives grow their NPS by +13 points and sales by 20%. 

This managed program enables new clients to deliver satisfaction growth results in the fastest time possible, and we guarantee growth. We will grow your NPS in just 60 days or your money back!

There are limited slots for this service, so get in touch to see if we can help you.

team development
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Team Developer

Server-level insights to optimize compliance and training

Yumpingo tracks guest satisfaction to a server level empowering you to optimize the team development process.

  • Server-level sales and guest engagement characteristics.

  • Team development program to turn good service into great, and accelerate the training of new team members.

  • Build employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.

  • Deliver a significant improvement in overall guest sentiment. 
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Menu Innovation

De-risk, speed-up, and stress test your menu development process

Menu innovation was our first outcome program and is used by hundreds of restaurants.

  • Reduce menu sizes, food costs and increase efficiency.

  • Decrease menu complexity without reducing guest satisfaction.

  • Test new product SKUs, dishes, or recipes, for customer sentiment and margins.

  • Manage guest perception ratings through menu engineering.
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Margin Multiplier

Menu engineering to maximize profitability and satisfaction

Improve menu profitability and guest satisfaction by leveraging dish-level sentiment data with sales data.

  • De-risk menu pricing changes based on menu price elasticity and macro-economic market conditions.

  • Optimize PMIX to decrease food costs and drive guests to order high satisfaction and high profitability dishes.

  • Develop menu price tiering across your restaurant group.
store launcher

Locations Lift

Transform underperforming locations

Sales data will tell you if a location or area is underperforming, but it won’t tell you why. This program uses Yumpingo’s guest sentiment insights to understand why and how those sites can be turned around. 

  • Hyperfocus on a group of locations to identify issues and their causes.

  • Managed Smart Actions to focus teams on targeted efforts.

  • Custom action tracking and impact metrics.

Iron Hill-3

"It allows us to develop our menu in a more dynamic way by testing dishes and getting real-time feedback before we launch a dish across our estate."

Chief Executive Officer, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Enhanced Outcomes

Additional professional services programs for our active clients to drive satisfaction growth, drive revenue, increase advocates, reduce churn, and drive efficiencies. 

service optimiser-1

Service Optimizer

Improve service steps levels, or tech through experiential impact

Consultancy services for clients who are testing new processes to understand the impact on guest experience.

  • Test effectiveness or implement new service steps.

  • Develop new services styles such as delivery or collection.

  • Introduce new technologies.
concept launcher

Concept Launcher

Agile measurement to de-risk new restaurant or concept openings

Launching a new store is a huge investment of time and money, so getting it right the first time saves restaurants $1,000’s.

  • Ensure high levels of operations delivery from day one.

  • Accelerate service team development.

  • Enhance new venue marketing.

  • Optimize the soft openings process.


CRM Booster

CRM Booster

Boost online reviews, increase return rates and guest recovery.

We integrate with a number of loyalty and CRM partners which enables clients to:

  • Guest recovery before unhappy guests review online.

  • Use advocates to boost online reviews.

  • Grow your loyalty and CRM database significantly.

  • Personalized campaigns from dish-level sentiment or targeted research. 

Outcomes as a Service

Yumpingo is the sector’s only Outcomes as a Service (OaaS) provider. We go far beyond the software as a service (SaaS) model - making it faster and easier for brands to see value.


Working with you

Yumpingo changes the way hospitality businesses act on customer insights by focusing on the most impactful areas for improvement, helping brands grow revenue, increase advocates, reduce churn, and drive efficiencies. 

Our in-house consultancy team will work hand in hand with you to identify your needs, then utilize our tools and programs to help drive your business forward. 

Meet the team

Matt portrait 2

Matt Holy, MFB

Director of Strategic Projects 

With  4+ years at Yumpingo, Matt works hand-in-hand with our new and existing clients to implement these programs and develop custom solutions that achieve their ideal outcomes.

Unlock performance, at every level

Yumpingo delivers guest satisfaction solutions for your entire team, from head office, to general managers, to front-of-house servers.


"With Yumpingo, we are able to optimize every guest experience with greater confidence and speed than ever before."

Rob Papps
CEO, Nando's

Hickorys logo black May 2020 2

"Our NPS has been steadily increasing. We’ve also seen our online reputation scores climbing and we have seen a direct link between NPS and sales growth."

John Welsh
MD, Hickory's Smokehouse


"Preserving and retaining our to-go guests are now huge parts of our business. This [Yumpingo] data changes that and helps us get better."

Hernan Mujica
CIO, Texas Roadhouse

New World Trading Company (1)

"It was like someone had turned on the lights. Within two weeks we were seeing an uptick in our NPS and after a further two weeks, we were seeing higher sales growth."

Chris Hill
CEO, New World Trading Company

Iron Hill-1

"I’ve not come across a better system of gaining actionable guest feedback in the moment. [Restaurant managers] have a tool now that enables them to very specifically drill down on what they can do to improve the guest experience."

Chris Westcott
Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant


"We’ve seen remarkable growth in both our NPS and online reputation, which has risen by 1.5 stars, since working with Yumpingo."

Dean Wilson
Director, Olive Tree Brasserie


"Yumpingo definitely gives you that power to make change. If you’re the kind of organization that is striving to be the very best then [Yumpingo] gives you the information that you can act on."

Richard Colclough
MD, Parogon Group


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