Smart Actions

Maximize team productivity with intelligent workflows

Your brand’s customer satisfaction data is transformed into suggested actions teams can make that will have the greatest impact on guest happiness.


Find out how happy your guests are and why – and what to do about it

Smart Actions identifies the top menu and service factors falling behind in performance and sends a weekly report to GMs with the next steps teams can take to address the bad and do more of the good. Once received, all they have to do is engage the right team members while we monitor and report the progress.

Key Features

Empowering teams to do what works – but better

Automated action-planning

Suggested actions are created to address the most critical issues with menu and service execution

Weekly reporting

Reports are delivered to your GMs inbox with a breakdown of customer satisfaction insights for each service style

Location-specific analysis

Location-specific analysis is built for targeted menu item and service-step compliance

Our Customers

“Yumpingo created a solution to keep our frontline teams focused on the areas of improvement that will have the greatest impact. Receiving that level of insight with Yumpingo’s Smart Actions has already proven to drive action where it matters most.”

Mark Mercer, Head of Central Operations, The Restaurant Group

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