What is Yumpingo Pay?

Video animation by Tigran Manukyan.

Pay, review and go!

Yumpingo Pay is the latest solution to hit Yumpingo’s product set. Now, customers with Yumpingo devices are able to pay, tip, and leave a 1-minute Review all through the device. FOH teams can leave the device attended or unattended to complete the bill. Yumpingo Pay fully integrates with most major payment providers.


Keep teams focused and improve efficiency

Yumpingo Pay streamlines the payment journey, freeing up time for servers to make quality interactions with other customers, turn tables faster, and increase profits for a business.

By removing the back and forth during checkout, servers can maintain their focus on customer satisfaction and work more efficiently, all while customers experience less friction while paying their bill.


Quick roll-out process

Yumpingo Pay works seamlessly with most major payment providers, meaning no changes to your existing set-up and minimal staff training. No app download, no account set-up, and no login required!

Continue unlocking the data you need to transform your operations and define the path to serving more happy guests with Yumpingo’s 1-minute Review.