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Parogon Group Advances Menu Development with Data-Led Insights to Deliver +10% More Happy Guests

Parogon Group



+5 Point NPS Increase
+10% More Happy Guests
-25% Less Unhappy Guests
135,978 Reviews



Before using Yumpingo, Parogon were collecting customer feedback from a wide range of platforms including TripAdvisor, Google reviews, and other traditional methods such as verbal and anecdotal feedback.

Although Parogon were receiving positive feedback from customers, they found it difficult to convert this feedback into actions that their teams could take to improve their food and service, whilst providing growth opportunities for the brand.

With Yumpingo’s customer experience management platform, Parogon have been able to collect in-depth, dish-level-customer feedback that have led directly to improvements and growth of the Parogon Group brand.



– Traditional customer experience management methods
– Inability to scale customer feedback, making it difficult to implement impactful changes
– A need to maintain brand standards during company growth


Utilizing Yumpingo Data To Guide Menu Development

Before using Yumpingo, Parogon used traditional methods to develop their menus within their restaurants.

Parogon used sales data and BOH feedback to determine which menu items should be improved, but they found it difficult to convert all of that feedback into actionable insights.

This resulted in inaccurate feedback on menu items, which were only backed up by sales data, resulting in ‘poor menu’ sellers being removed, without discovering the real issue with the dishes. With Yumpingo, Parogon has visibility at specific dish level. Teams can now modify those poor-performing dishes to improve the overall customer experience.

“What we’ve found with Yumpingo is that sometimes, when we look at those poor sellers, they’re poor sellers because they’re not being delivered to specifications and potentially not delivering on the recipe. We can now change that because you can tell from the feedback what portion size is wrong or if the taste is wrong” said Richard Colclough, Managing Director of Parogon.


Reviewing ‘Hero Dishes’ Based On Customer Feedback

Renowned for their premium menu offerings, Parogon Group are continuously looking at ways to enhance the dining experience for their customers.

From a sales data perspective, Parogon’s top-selling dishes had been a triumph which made it difficult to see if there were any improvements which could be made on their top selling dishes.

But by using the dish-level and customer feedback insights from Yumpingo, Parogon discovered that there was in fact a fluctuation in their top selling dishes and prior to Yumpingo, Parogon were not able to identify why their top selling dishes were receiving negative feedback.

“There are times when this dish scores really badly for taste,” Richard Colclough, continues, “Why is that? Or maybe the portions are wrong. Why are they portioning it incorrectly? Yumpingo has allowed us to streamline and get consistency across the board.”

Now with that data, Parogon can identify the contributing factors to their feedback and streamline and gain consistency in their top-selling dishes. This allows Parogon to speak to their teams and determine how customers view certain products, and how these dishes can be enhanced in the future.


Motivational Tool For Teams

Having visibility at site level for GMs and BOH teams has become a strong motivator for Parogon to use Yumpingo’s insights. By having the information at their fingertips, they can now identify and educate their teams about dishes that are underperforming.

Additionally, they can now identify areas where some additional training may be needed and can educate their teams on the customer’s perception of the menu items.

“I think it’s important that we are transparent and if somebody is on the top of the tree, the guys want to be there as well. So there’s internal competition in a healthy way. But ultimately I think [Yumpingo] has been a really interesting tool for the team to dig into the data and then be able to respond really quickly to improve the customer experience,” Richard Colclough added.


The Impact Of Yumpingo Devices

Before implementing the Yumpingo Devices, Parogon had already looked into using apps for customers, to order directly from the table.

Parogon wanted to ensure that a new method of capturing customer feedback would be operationally beneficial, while maintaining their personal service, which was extremely important for Parogon’s growth. Introducing a new method of capturing customer feedback data was never a concern of Parogon. They had the utmost confidence in the success of the Yumpingo Devices in their restaurants.

Richard Colclough, Managing Director of Parogon added:

“With tablet devices you are presenting a piece of technology that’s actually quite safe. It’s not going to offend anybody. It doesn’t detract from the customer experience in any way or the interaction with the staff or the venue. So I think it actually gives them a platform to quickly get their feedback, good or bad.”

The Yumpingo Devices are a quick and instant solution for customers to provide real-time feedback on their experience and Parogon have found it very easy to get customers on board with their feedback solution.


Data-Led Insights To Drive Restaurant Operations

Parogon is now thriving as a business and using the Yumpingo data has allowed them to continue to grow from an operational perspective. Data-led insights are now an integral part of their business growth.

Richard Colclough, Managing Director of Parogon added:

“Knowledge is power. And until you start to see the data on specific dishes, specific servers and venues, then I don’t think you realize the information that is available through that and you are probably not seeing that currently.


So [Yumpingo] definitely gives you that power to make change. If you’re the kind of organization that is striving to be the very best then [Yumpingo] gives you the information that you can, then act on. I think that’s the key. It’s not just nice to have data. It’s data that you can actually act on and make positive changes within your business.”


Their Story:

Parogon Group is a privately owned, independent company with venues across Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire. With a wealth of industry and business knowledge along with a true passion for hospitality, their aim is to bring joy to their customers through fantastic food and drink, excellent service and passionate people, all within the surroundings of a contemporary and relaxed dining experience.

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“Yumpingo in one sentence is, gives us data in real time, we can act on and make a difference to our business that we couldn’t do before.”

Richard Colclough, Managing Director of Parogon Group