Case Study

How Rosa Mexicano’s Menu Development Strategy Reduced Costs and Grew Guest Loyalty


+8 Point NPS Increase
+10% More Happy Guests
-25% Less Unhappy Guests
84,524 Reviews



In 2019, the brand implemented Yumpingo’s next-gen customer experience management platform to gain deeper insight into how guests feel about the brand. Yumpingo’s actionable insights have helped Rosa Mexicano develop menus more effectively, and control cost of goods sold, leading to a higher NPS and more happy guests.



– Lack of visibility into menu performance
– Reliance only on sales data and customer reviews for menu insight
– An absence of insights when making menu and pricing decisions


Measuring and Managing Menu Performance

Prior to partnering with Yumpingo, Rosa Mexicano relied on sales data and online customer reviews to gauge how each menu item was performing. But these methods were reactive, and added unnecessary complexity to mapping customer satisfaction to sales growth.

Consequently, the traditional methods of tracking menu performance weren’t even telling the full story. Even though a dish may be consistently selling well, it could still score poorly in an NPS survey for a number of reasons, whether it’s an under-seasoned entree or an overly sweet dessert. And what’s worse – if the menu item in question is supposed to be your most noteworthy offering!

The Rosa Mexicano team puts their heart and soul into every menu offering, with every ingredient carefully selected and complemented by the next. And for any restaurant with a craft menu and locally sourced ingredients, assessing menu and dish performance is integral to building the culinary experience they set out to deliver. But for the northeast brand, without the right data, it was difficult to identify which dishes were top performers and which ones needed to be addressed and improved upon – and why.


A New Way to Assess Menu and Dish Performance

As business began to scale, The Rosa Mexicano team sought out a solution that could help them drive operational consistency across locations as well as identify areas for innovation – backed by true data.

After selecting Yumpingo for the unmatched product-level insights — every menu item, every restaurant, every shift— the team unlocked the data necessary to direct their culinary-led operations.

With Yumpingo’s multi-touch, multi-channel methods for collecting operational performance insights, the Rosa Mexicano team was able to immediately leverage the culinary performance data for look, taste, portion, and value of every menu item.

This first focus on quality and value perceptions built a foundation upon which The Rosa Mexicano team fortified their margins while ensuring continued excellence in service and hospitality.


Testing Menu Adjustments with Real-Time Feedback

Yumpingo’s Customer Experience Management Platform also helped Rosa Mexicano move regular dish assessment out of the development kitchen and into the hands of guests, at the moment of truth. These insights provide development and management teams with the confidence to make changes without the jarring feeling of high-risk decision-making.

When it comes to a restaurant’s menu, an active approach based on regular measurement and evaluation is vital. It enables incremental changes that, over time, lead to massive improvements in overall performance, helping them deliver more happy guests.

“Yumpingo allows us to develop our menu more dynamically by testing dishes and getting real-time feedback before we launch a dish across all of our locations. Our NPS scores rose dramatically after a recent seasonal menu change and it’s great to know the changes we are making are landing well with our guests.” Westcott said.


Adding Customer Insights into the COGs Equation

Too often, menu decisions are based solely on sales and COGs rather than taking a balanced approach with guest perceptions being weighted along with margins. Rosa Mexicano added customer scores into their COGs equation to identify products for deletion, improvement, or promotion.

For example, menu items with strong passion scores were reconceived to improve their financial contributions while retaining their quality metrics. Conversely, dishes with lower velocity or higher costs were assessed relative to their likelihood to recommend then deleted when guest scores were lacking.

Data on the customer experience is the difference maker for a brand committed to authentic hospitality. As an industry, restaurants have relied on what managers observe to bolster their extensive metrics on costs, margins and sales.

That financial equation is now balanced by what Rosa Mexicano’s customers think about the overall value of their experience. A full view of value now sets a foundation upon which they can build.



Their Story:

Rosa Mexicano is a destination born of a unique vision. In our restaurants, you’ll experience upscale dining that honors Mexican heritage, culinary techniques, and the global explorations and inspirations of our founder, Josefina Howard. Rosa Mexicano offers an “elevated fiesta” deeply rooted in authentic Mexican cuisine, serving both beloved classics and sophisticated dishes in a stylish and festive atmosphere.

Download this case study to see how you can get similar results:

“Yumpingo has changed the way we develop menus. Having guest sentiment insights to a dish level really helps to give us the confidence to continue with the things guests love and make decisive changes where needed.”