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5 Mistakes You’re Making with the To-Go and Delivery Experience

On average, multi-unit brands report 30% missing items from their off-premise operations.

What’s worse – order accuracy and value are at the top of consumer priorities when placing an order online, meaning the majority of brands are greatly underperforming in areas that could easily be fixed – once identified.

So how do you know where to start making improvements with the to-go and delivery experience?

Download the 5 mistakes you’re making with to-go and delivery operations ebook to learn what you can do today to address each issue:

  1. Making reactive decisions on menu pricing
  2. Using the same in-store ingredients for off-premise dishes
  3. Letting 3PD own customer data
  4. Pricing in-store and off-premise menus the same way
  5. Blaming 3PD for a poor customer experience

Find out how to gain greater control of how your team executes and how your business performs in order to make every experience worth investing in, in-store and online.

5 mistakes


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