Vinoteca achieved an NPS increase of +18 points with Yumpingo



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"Without data, you’re just guessing. You can use Yumpingo to confirm those guesses or prove you were wrong, before you roll out expensive changes across your sites. That’s how we form our strategy with the menus, with our service style and our steps to service."

Paul Young, Head of Marketing, Vinoteca


Before Yumpingo, Vinoteca’s customer feedback provider wasn’t capturing enough data to make any significant impact to their business.

When they started using Yumpingo, Vinoteca was able to make dramatic improvements across all of their venues. Yumpingo’s ability to create informative, insightful reports for all levels of the business helped to drive improvements across the whole business.

Vinoteca saw a +18 NPS point increase and used dish-level feedback to drive their menu development strategy with a higher degree of confidence, with the customer's experience feeding into the heart of everything they do.



  • Traditional, outdated guest experience measurement methods
  • Difficulty scaling guest feedback, making it hard to implement changes
  • Lack of insights into customer feedback data
  • Couldn’t track their online marketing efforts

‘Without Yumpingo data, you’re just guessing’

Before Yumpingo, Vinoteca used traditional methods of capturing data and customer feedback but found they weren't able to make any business decisions based on substantial dish-level and customer feedback data.

Yumpingo's customer experience management platform was transformational for the team at Vinoteca. They were able to build a solid menu strategy, in line with customer feedback data.

Paul Young, Head of Marketing at Vinoteca said, “Without data, you're just guessing. So you can use Yumpingo to confirm those guesses or prove you were wrong, before you roll out expensive changes across your sites. That’s how we form our strategy with the menus, with our service style and our steps to service.”

By having dish-level data and insights across their venues, Vinoteca had the confidence to make data-led decisions that made a positive impact on the overall customer experience.


New technology now embraced by teams

The teams at Vinoteca were initially cautious about implementing Yumpingo across their sites. They were concerned that the software could oversee them and being used against them. With the successful roll-out, and Yumpingo’s customer success team working alongside Vinoteca management - this was resolved and the teams began to see it as a support, rather than an overseer to their working day.

All the teams at Vinoteca now had full confidence in Yumpingo, and understood the positive impact it has had on their businesses. Vinoteca's Head of Marketing saw a significant transformation and positive changes in his team's motivation and engagement with using the software. “The biggest change is that they're interested in the results. They ask ‘What’s our score?’ and ‘Has it improved?’ This means we know that they are thinking about it day-to-day.”

“The teams also were given complete transparency into the reasoning behind introducing Yumpingo to the business.”

Paul added: “What we've tried to do is to make sure that we're being as open as possible with the data that we're providing back to our team. We've really seen that kind of progression as we go along. The GMs in particular have changed their mind-set, essentially.”

Transformational insights for marketing & ops teams

Since implementing Yumpingo’s customer experience management platform, the marketing team at Vinoteca has proof to back up their hunches on the marketing of certain menu items. This meant the customer feedback data directly helped their marketing strategy, so they could track ROI. Something even more critical in a time where energy and food pricing are coming under more and more scrutiny.

Paul said; “From the marketing side, it means, whereas in the past I could say ‘In the summer we'll sell more of this and more of this’ and that ‘I think that the cheeseboard is not hitting the mark’, and people could disagree with me. Now if I say that 200 customers have said [something], then it reinforces that point."

Yumpingo has also had a significant impact on the operations at Vinoteca; "What operations really need is to walk into every site at the beginning of every week, for their weekly catch-up, and have a structure to what they're talking about with their teams. And to have actual points of reference in the feedback data. Now with [Yumpingo] they do actually have that data to back up their guesses,” 

Using customer feedback in menu development

The menu development and engineering process at Vinoteca had a significant overhaul. Dish-level feedback gave them valuable insights when they wanted to make menu changes, which would be financially beneficial to the business.

With these insights Vinoteca also saw dramatic improvements in their food scores.

“We've dropped dishes because of Yumpingo. Some of these dishes have been on the menu for years, but we decided to remove them after looking at the data. And that's because they've had sustained negative feedback in Yumpingo that we haven't noticed from anecdotal feedback on site, because it's not necessarily been bad enough for people to speak up about it.” - Paul Young.

“We've also tweaked dishes and seen the scores improve almost overnight. We've used it to inform customers every time we change the menu. So our executive chef looks at what happened in the last season and what types of dishes people liked and has built new offerings from that,” Paul explained.

This project took place between April and October 2022. If you'd like to find out more about how Yumpingo could help you develop menus and improve operations, please use the form below. 

About Vinoteca

Created by Elena Ares, Brett Woonton and Charlie Young, Vinoteca combines distinctive, high quality wines alongside well sourced, fresh, seasonal food.

They source exciting wines & other drinks with interesting stories, from all over the world, with an ever-changing selection of 25 wines by the glass. Their award-winning list of 200+ wines changes twice a year to ensure they offer the very best in quality and variety.

Each Vinoteca has its own wine shop where their wine can be found at competitive retail prices, and their entire wine list is available to order from our online shop with nationwide delivery.

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