Case Study

Bistrot Pierre Sets a New Standard for Hospitality With Significant Gains in Brand Performance


+15 Point NPS Increase
+14% More Happy Guests
-43% Less Unhappy Guests
35,882 Reviews



School friends Robert Beacham and John Whitehead started Bistrot Pierre in Nottingham, England, in 1994. The boutique chain offers guests a wide range of freshly prepared Anglo-French dishes made from carefully sourced ingredients from both local and artisan French producers and suppliers – all at a great value.

In fact, guests have been known to line up out the door at Bistrot Pierre locations during lunch hours thanks to the specials offered on a variety of bistro classics and new seasonal dishes. The company’s chefs regularly take trips to France to gain inspiration for new recipes and dishes, helping the brand develop a reputation for a high-quality dining experience in a stylish, relaxing setting.

The brand’s commitment to quality food, service, and hospitality has helped them grow to nearly 20 locations across England and Wales. But
maintaining a healthy restaurant brand requires consistent feedback from guests to ensure that their team is providing the best experience possible, and in 2019 the Bistrot Pierre leadership decided they could do more than that.

That’s where Yumpingo came in.



– Lack of visibility into guest experience data
– Guest surveys were too long and not scalable
– Relied on sales data and gut-feeling to make operational decisions


A Lack of Visibility into Guest Sentiment

Before implementing Yumpingo’s Customer Experience Management platform, Bistrot Pierre managers and leadership relied on sales data and a healthy dose of gut instinct to make operational decisions and investments. Sales data and gut instinct are certainly important in the restaurant and hospitality industries. But in an increasingly digital age, guests interact with a brand through multiple channels and at multiple touchpoints — requiring brands to find ways to capture and analyze granular data throughout the customer journey.

In particular, Bistrot Pierre’s leaders knew they needed deeper insight into how guests felt about the brand. But their methods of gathering feedback were proving ineffective.

“Our guest surveys were too long and too few in number,” said Mike Wardell, Bistrot Pierre’s Chief Operating Officer.


Transforming the Collection and Implementation of Customer Feedback

Bistrot Pierre partnered with Yumpingo and quickly tapped into a wealth of real-time customer insights.

“We are now getting thousands of live guest reviews across every shift, dish and server every week, in real time, from real guests,” Wardell said.

“This has transformed how we run operations, run our menu development and invest in new concepts and teams.”

Yumpingo’s insights engine arms Bistrot Pierre teams with the information they need to run a great shift and make improvements if they need to.

“The front-line teams are now empowered to make data-driven adjustments based on how guests perceive the food and service in realtime,” Wardell said.


Engaging Teams to Serve More Happy Guests

In addition to helping front-line teams be more adaptable, Yumpingo’s insights have also helped team members become more engaged. Bistrot Pierre displays the live guest feedback from the platform on digital screens on the pass in each of their locations.

“This helps us fix problems before they escalate, and share positive feedback to reinforce dish and service execution,” Wardell said.

And that positive reinforcement goes a long way, according to Bistrot Pierre CEO, Nick White;

“The kitchen team became so engaged with the live scores that they turned the screens to face them instead,”

White said;

“This is a powerful way to engage teams to focus on the guest.”


Their Story

For more than 25 years, Bistrot Pierre has served guests high-quality, authentic Anglo-French cuisine at a great value. The brand’s commitment to great food and service has helped it grow to 19 locations across England and Wales.

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[Yumpingo] helps us fix problems before they escalate, and share positive feedback to reinforce dish and service execution.

Mike Wardell, Chief Operating Officer, Bistrot Pierre