Customer Experience Drivers

Experience Drivers

Uncover the root causes of customer satisfaction so you know exactly when and where to make improvements or find opportunities to celebrate teams.

Yumpingo Experience Drivers
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A new (and personal) review journey

Customers that leave feedback will follow a review journey specific to their experience. Happy customers are encouraged to give team shout-outs, and unhappy customers have the opportunity to share the reasons behind their scores.

The only way to break down feedback data

The restaurant industry is incredibly complex. With experience drivers, teams no longer have to waste time digging through survey text fields or make assumptions based on online review scores to uncover the true causes of satisfaction.

The User Experience


of reviewers leave their NPS/Satisfaction score

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of those elaborate on their reasons behind the score

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of happy customers leave a compliment for the team

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The drivers of satisfaction, the causes of dissatisfaction, and what to do about it

Yumpingo Experience Drivers Examples

Transform the way your team works

A weekly insights report gives GMs clarity on exactly what drives the experience in their venue and where to apply focus

Uncover issues specific to each service style

Prioritize each issue based on the overall impact on your scores

Let GMs work on actions that are within their power to resolve

Yumpingo Experience Drivers Examples
Yumpingo Team Motivation

Make positive team feedback part of the operations strategy

Keep your teams motivated and engaged by sharing positive feedback and celebrating their successes

Reviewers can leave a shout out or compliment in the experience drivers review flow

Each compliment is linked to a specific shift or team member

Managers can leverage compliments to build a gamification or reward program

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