Yumpingo customer Texas Roadhouse scores success in the 2024 Datassential report

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May 23, 2024 8:59:55 PM

Texas roadhouse signage

Texas Roadhouse ranks second for customer satisfaction (NPS of +43) and in the top 5 for service, food quality and experience in a survey that includes the 500 largest US restaurant chains.

The Datassential Top 500 Restaurant Chain Report is a chance to independently assess the performance of the nation’s largest restaurant chains.

The restaurant sector is a highly competitive market and having an independent overview of how well a brand is performing against other businesses is key market knowledge for planning long-term strategies.

Yumpingo’s customer, Texas Roadhouse, placed in the top 5 in the service, food quality and experience categories in Datassential's Top 500 Restaurant Chain Report that surveyed customers across 500 restaurant brands in the US.

Texas Roadhouse scores

  • Food quality: 1st of 500 (75%)
  • Service: 2nd of 500 (72%)
  • Experience: 3rd of 500 (70%)
  • Net Promoter Score 2nd of 500 (+43)

Matt Holy, Yumpingo's Director of Strategic Projects said, "We’ve been working closely with Texas Roadhouse across a number of strategic initiatives and it is great to see their vision and commitment to the overall guest experience translate to best in class restaurant industry rankings.”

Yumpingo works with its customers to collect guest sentiment so restaurants can improve their food quality (one of the biggest drivers of guest satisfaction), so it’s particularly rewarding to see Texas Roadhouse ranking first in the food quality category.

You can see some of the highlights of the report on QSR’s website.

To find out more about how Yumpingo works with brands like Texas Roadhouse, book a call with our team.

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