Top 10 product releases in 2023

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Jan 9, 2024 3:27:44 PM

Over the past 8 years, Yumpingo has continued to develop and evolve to empower you to drive satisfaction growth. In 2023, to help you provide guests with the experiences they deserve, our product and customer success teams worked tirelessly with you to get the most from our software. And where we didn’t have something already in place, we worked with you to build new integrations and opportunities. It was a partnership that delivered amazing results for all of our customers.

Here’s what that partnership helped to develop in the Yumpingo platform.

1. Paytronix partnership (January)

This integration now lets you deploy Yumpingo’s 1-Minute Smart Surveys to collect reviews from guests who use the Paytronix Order & Delivery platform of the Paytronix Customer Loyalty program. 

It allows our shared Paytronix/ Yumpingo customers to engage as many guests as possible to collect key feedback, produce even better insights and boost sign-ups to your loyalty program.

Product update 2023 - 1. Paytronix partnership


Find out more on our Paytronix partnership page

If you’d like to find out more about our partner integrations, check out our integrations page.


2. Users & role management (February)

Yumpingo transforms feedback data into targeted efforts, providing recommendations and smart workflows directly to the people who can affect change. 

To achieve this it’s important that users and their roles are set-up correctly on the platform. Historically the Yumpingo team managed the set-up of users and roles. Now, to improve how we do this and make updates even faster, we’ve given you the ability to manage users and their roles for yourself.

Product update 2023 - Users & role management

To find out more take a look at our Smart Actions page

See our knowledge base for more information on how user roles can be managed.


3. Smart Surveys in multiple languages (February)

To support our international clients, including Nando’s, we’ve added additional language support to our web-app’s 1-Minute Smart Surveys. 

We now provide Spanish and Arabic language surveys, to increase engagement rates and improve guest engagement at a more localized level. 

This is just the beginning of making our product more localized across different languages, and has provided us with the opportunity to prepare for roll-out across different countries in the future.



4. Locations Analysis (March) & Account Venue Groups (April) 

The new Locations Analysis report is a dynamic interface for customers to build their own reports containing data that is most valuable to them. 

The Locations Analysis report groups a variety of reporting metrics by your chosen hierarchy - ie. venue (location), venue group type (can vary by account) and brand.

This feature allows brands to save reports for key metrics they want to measure, with filters and league tables to quickly identify any areas for focus or highlight the teams performing exceptionally well.

Product update 2023 - 4. Locations Analysis

Find out more about the Locations Analysis report on our Knowledge Base page.

To support our enterprise clients who operate a number of different brands, we've also improved our reporting structure by adding Account Venue Groups. 

We can now create and manage venue groups at an account level and create hierarchies for locations reporting where regional managers have ownership of sites across multiple brands within an account.


5. Custom Success Criteria Thresholds (April)

There is significant variation between brands and experiences (dining-in or delivery, for example), so a one-size-fits-all approach to setting success thresholds doesn’t work. 

For our sentiment, NPS and food & drink scores we use color coding to highlight the impacts on guest experience. These levels can now be adjusted so that teams immediately see where they need to focus, to optimize the process of growing satisfaction.


6. Reputation partnership (May)

We’ve added Reputation as a partner. To make it easy to use as part of Yumpingo’s service, users can use a single login to access both services. 

Adding reputation management to Yumpingo provides complete visibility of real-time customer satisfaction levels across all locations and online review channels. Hospitality teams can effortlessly close the loop with every digital engagement.

Product update 2023 - 6. Reputation partnership

Find out more about reputation management.


7. Experience Drivers (June)

Experience Drivers for:
  • quickserve,
  • coffee,
  • competitive socializing / experiential venues

Experience drivers highlight key issues with food, drink and service as part of our sentiment-tailored reviews. This uncovers the ‘why’ behind the scores that guests leave.

In 2023 we added more hospitality types to this service including competitive socialising / experiential venues, quickserve and coffee to support clients like Caffè Nero.

Product update 2023 - 7. Experience Drivers

Product update 2023 - 7. Experience Drivers -B

Read more about the methods we use to engage with guests on our guest interaction page


8. Smart Surveys delivered by SMS (July)

To get useful insights it’s important to engage as many guests and customers as possible, across different experiences and through the different ways customers interact with your brand.

In July we added SMS outreach to our other data capture methods. Many of our brands have now doubled the response rates for their surveys. 

 Product update 2023 - 8. Smart Surveys delivered by SMS

Learn more about Smart Surveys.


9. Multiple choice and multi-select questions (July)

To enhance the market research insights captured in our 1-Minute Smart Surveys we’ve added some new questions types. 

You can now ask multiple choice questions or multi-select questions in our surveys, along with  the other questions types you’ve been using.

Product update 2023 - Multiple choice and multi-select questions-A

Product update 2023 - Multiple choice and multi-select questions-B

Read more about how we support marketing activities.


10. PAR Brink POS integration (September)

We added PAR’s Brink to our active POS integrations. 

POS integrations allow brands to capture order information, which means you can streamline the survey for better guest engagement, enable digital bill/check processes on our devices, and connect customer feedback to sales data. 

Product update 2023 - 10. PAR Brink POS integration

Check out our integrations page for more information. 



That’s our top 10, but there was a lot more product release activity in 2023. You can see the full release notes on our Knowledge Base

Get in touch to find out more about any of these developments. 


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