Generate revisits in a post-pandemic market

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Dec 3, 2020 2:40:00 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered guests’ expectations and attitudes to loyalty. Generate revisits became a priority, and in this consumer-focused session – held during Peach 2020 – it became clear that some of the changes are going to endure well beyond the pandemic.

In case you missed the recent Peach 2020, Yumpingo was a proud sponsor of the event and of one of their fantastic breakout sessions with some of the industry’s most dynamic players:

  • Jon Townsend, Strategic Planning Manager, The New World Trading Company
  • Lisa Owen, Head of Marketing, Hickory’s Smokehouse
  • Gary Goodman, Founder and CEO, Yumpingo
  • Hosted by Rachel Weller, Head of Marketing and Consumer Research, CGA

Ever since July, operators have faced the task of delivering rigorous safety without compromising good experiences.

Lisa Owen, head of marketing at Hickory’s, said:

“We knew we had to take safety seriously and give that reassurance… but once people were seated at the table it was important to us that we gave them the Hickory’s experience that they had prior to lockdown.”

Gary Goodman, founder and CEO of Yumpingo, said operators had worked very hard to deliver safety—and as the We Hear You campaign has shown, those efforts have paid off in guest satisfaction.

“The industry’s done a great job in very challenging times to stay adaptable, flexible and nimble.”

Brands used the spring lockdown to refresh their offer, he added:

“We’re seeing a lot of innovation coming out of this, with people having the time to rethink the entire experience.”

A good example of that is The New World Trading Company, where a menu revamp provided fresh focus ahead of reopening.

“A new proposition for food and drink… gave us something to talk about other than COVID-19 and hygiene and safety points,” said Jonathan Townsend, NWTC’s strategic planning manager.

See the full video, or read CGA’s full article.

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