The Caterer Technology Prospectus 2021 Report: The best tech to support the drive to delivery

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Jan 25, 2021 2:44:00 PM

Over the past months, the adoption of mobile ordering and payment systems has skyrocketed, with customers and businesses forced to realise the potential of technology to both on-site interaction and digitally.

In order to help businesses in this new scenario, The Caterer published a report by Elly Earls where you can understand how to choose the best technology to support the drive to delivery.

George Wetz, CEO and Co-Founder from Yumpingo, highlighted the importance of digital engagement:

“As we get through this pandemic, a guest using their smartphone to check-in, review the menu, order, pay and review will no longer be about safety and much more about providing guests with options for digital engagement to enhance their dining experience”

“Due to Covid, this has been either driven by the need for contactless to support safety measures, but many operators have also been driven by the longer-term benefits of reduced front-of-house costs, faster table turn times and the ability to capture data, enabled by self-checkout. This was a trend we thought would take another two to three years, but Covid has made it seemingly happen overnight.”

Check out the full report.

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