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How Yard & Coop use Yumpingo to put the customer at the heart of the decision-making process.

“The aim is to give the customer the best experience possible.” – Carl Morris, co-founder of Yard and Coop.


    • Over 22,000 reviews
    • Happy guests consistently at 82%
    • Unhappy guests levels down at 3%


In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, businesses face an ongoing challenge: how to keep their offerings fresh, relevant, and aligned with customer expectations. Yard and Coop, a Manchester-based restaurant specializing in buttermilk fried chicken, understands this challenge all too well. Founded by Carl Morris and Laura Morris, Yard and Coop embarked on a journey to create something unique and memorable in the bustling restaurant scene.

Yard and Coop have successfully leveraged customer feedback, with the help of Yumpingo, to make informed decisions that drive their business forward.

Navigating economic challenges.

Over the past year, Yard and Coop have faced numerous challenges, including rising energy costs, increased staff expenses, and disruptions in the supply chain. These factors could have severely impacted their profitability if not managed carefully. Yumpingo played a crucial role in helping them navigate these challenges by providing insights into pricing and portion size adjustments without compromising quality.

“The real benefit is that we’re making the right decisions.” – Carl Morris, Co-founder at Yard & Coop.

Turning customer feedback into insight.

Yumpingo became Yard and Coop’s trusted tool for capturing and analyzing customer feedback. They use Yumpingo to gather opinions on their dishes daily, helping them understand how each item is performing in real time.

The platform enables them to evaluate various aspects of the dining experience, such as taste, quality, pricing, and more. What sets Yumpingo apart is its ability to bring all these data points into one central dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of customer sentiment.

The challenge of staying relevant.

Carl acknowledges the constant challenge of adapting to meet customer expectations in the hospitality industry. “The challenge was not just about keeping up with trends but also staying ahead in an increasingly competitive market. The key is keeping the customer at the centre of every decision.”

Bringing the customer into the boardroom.

Carl’s philosophy is simple but effective: “It’s a bit cheesy, but I’ve used it for decades – bring the customer into the room where the big decisions are made.” In an era where customer opinions are scattered across various platforms, it’s crucial to have a single source of feedback. Yard and Coop turned to Yumpingo to streamline this process, allowing them to make informed, rapid decisions.

The power of transparency.

One of the notable advantages of Yumpingo is its transparency. Every customer has the opportunity to provide feedback by rating each dish on their order. This transparency extends beyond the individual diner’s feedback; it offers a collective voice that influences Yard and Coop’s decision-making processes.

Empowering the team.

Yumpingo not only facilitates decision-making at the management level but also empowers the entire team. Carl emphasised that they make the results visible to the kitchen staff in real time. This transparency fosters a dialogue between the front-of-house and kitchen teams, promoting collaboration and continuous improvement.


In the competitive world of hospitality, staying relevant and meeting customer expectations are ongoing challenges. Yard and Coop’s journey serves as an inspiring example of how a restaurant can thrive by putting the customer at the heart of every decision. With Yumpingo as their trusted partner, Yard and Coop has successfully turned customer feedback into actionable insights, ensuring their offerings continue to delight diners and stand out in a crowded market. Carl Morris sums it up perfectly: “The aim here is not financial. The aim here is to give the customer the best experience possible.”

About Yard and Coop.

Yard & Coop are a casual dining restaurant concept centred around the highest quality buttermilk fried chicken and customer experience.

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