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[Yumpingo] is a guiding light to every dish and every shift. It quickly started informing staff reviews, bonuses, and any coaching and development requirements. We could see significant positive NPS growth and that translated into financial performance too.

Chris Hill, Former CEO, New World Trading Company

Point Increase in NPS


More Happy Customers

Reviews in 12 Months Across 28 Locations

Immediate Improvement
in Dish Performance Scores

Consistent brand standards,
service levels and customer satisfaction

Having guest sentiment insights to a dish level really helps to give us the confidence to continue with the things guests love and make decisive changes where needed. It also allows us to develop our menu in a more dynamic way by testing dishes and getting real-time feedback before we launch a dish across our estate.

Chris Westcott, President & CEO, Rosa Mexicano

Point Increase in NPS


More Happy Customers

Reviews in 15 Months Across 10 Locations

Confidence in Menu Development

Data-Driven Pricing Strategy

Since rolling out Yumpingo our NPS has been steadily increasing and is now 14 points higher; which means 11% more happy guests! We’ve also seen our online reputation scores climbing from 4.3 to an excellent 4.7 stars. And we have seen a direct link between NPS and sales growth. Yumpingo has helped give us the confidence to make changes to our guest journey, our menus, our training and get a genuine feel for what our guests think of those changes.

John Welsh, Managing Director, Hickory’s Smokehouse

Point Increase in NPS


More Happy Customers

Reviews in 19 Months Across 11 Locations

Online Reputation Increase from 4.3 to 4.7 Stars

Engaging Teams Throughout
 the Business

Clear the Path to Better Performing Operations

Every day, hospitality brands are starting their journey with Yumpingo to drive team engagement, customer experience, and sales growth. 

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