What is Yumpingo?

You couldn’t quantify hospitality – until now

What first started as an eccentric idea grew to be hospitality’s answer to experience management.

Established in 2015, we’ve been on a mission to help restaurant teams discover the art of the possible – by delivering more than meet’s the eye. Yumpingo captures the real-time impact of a brand’s performance, measuring the outcomes of store, shift, server, and dish execution, so you can transform the customer experience and serve more happy guests.

From executives to operations, to marketing, the Yumpingo experience management platform is proven to keep teams focused on the areas of the business that will contribute most to their bottom line while staying on the pulse of overall brand health. 

We get in the weeds of your data so you don’t have to

“Across the whole guest journey, whether that’s arriving in the car park or leaving the doors at the very end, there are lots of little moments of opportunity to either make the guest happy or quite the opposite. For me, Yumpingo enables us to review all of those touchpoints along the way and through small marginal gains, just slowly tweak the experience so overall it gets ratcheted to a better experience for the guest.”

John Welsh, Managing Director, Hickory’s Smokehouse

14 point increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)


We combat ‘gut-feel’ decision-making

“Previously menu decisions would have been based solely around what was selling well, and if it’s selling well then the guests must like it. What Yumpingo enables us to do is marry those two together and look at the review data alongside the sales data to capture feedback from the silent majority and use that information to better the experience for our guests.”

Jon Towsend, Strategic Planning Manager, New World Trading Company

13 point increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)

We keep you true to your brand promise

“Our biggest focus is making sure that every guest leaves that door saying, “do you know what, that was really amazing today – I had amazing food, my server was amazing, the experience was great.” And that to us is what Yumpingo has helped with.”

Toby Beesley, Training Manager, Hickory’s Smokehouse

Online reputation scores increased from 4.3 to 4.7 stars


Don’t kill your customer loyalty and brand reputation with what you think you know about the business. Let data drive your decisions, and our insights to keep you ahead of the competition.